Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 25th:
Desert Rats #8 - Cavalleria
Secret gardens memories
Author leonard
Method Solo
Victor South Korea
Play Date 2018-02-04
Language English
Scenario KWPP010

In 2004, I've been there visiting the beautiful park and ancient palace, north of Seoul. If necessary, it would be a good reason to play that scenario depicting a nocturnal North Korean recon in the Seoul suburbs and the ensuing ROK reaction. A very small night scenario entirely located in town hexes. Scenario vs reality: the terrain representation of the scenario is so-so. In reality, the palace is located in a light woods/park dotted with ponds, among a more densely populated area. The park is hanging on the low slopes of a mountain, lying to the north, just behind. There's no river there, no rice paddies, only decorative ponds. I decided to turn the map upside down (number 93 in south-west corner) to have that mountain just behind the palace. It doesn't change anything for scenario play anyway. Another possibility would be to fold the map, use only the left part and the whole picture would be far better. But again, it won't change play: only for esthetics. The scenario itself is quite simple: a succession of assaults in town hexes and no manoeuvre. Better morale of ROK units and use of the ROK ENG should lead South Korean units to victory but winning initiative during the first turns is crucial. In my play, ROK units won on the 9th turn (12 total).

I noticed that several other Pusan Perimeter scenarios were located in Seoul. Let's face it, it is impossible to simulate Seoul city fighting (even in the suburbs) on these maps. They do represent the Korean countryside but not any part of the capital city.

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