Panzer Grenadier Battles on August 28th:
Fronte Russo #41 - Ring of Fire Patton's Nightmare #6 - Lucky Charms
Kokoda Campaign #7 - Isurava and the Trail South Scenario 2: Isurava, Day Two Patton's Nightmare #7 - Slim Pickings
Kokoda Campaign #28 - Milne Bay Scenario 4: Assault on No. 3 Airstrip Patton's Nightmare #8 - Hornet's Nest
Kokoda Trail #7 - Milne Bay — The Breakout Patton's Nightmare #9 - Foul Mood
Kokoda Trail #9 - Isurava, Day Two Power of the East #12 - Samurai Stalingrad
Kokoda Trail #10 - Assault on No. 3 Airstrip

PG-HQ Annotated Rules

Clarifications are an inescapable part of the cardboard wargamer's life and Panzer Grenadier players are no exception. Panzer Grenadier Headquarters tracks and collects all clarifications so you don't have to.

Released in 2006, the 3rd Edition drove the Panzer Grenadier series into the mainstream. Though universally regarded as a major improvement over 2nd Edition, through the years a great many clarifications and tweaks were made.

Released in 2014 and initially conceived as a clarification of the 3rd Edition, the 4th Edition became the repository of several changes to assault combat, terrain effects and line of sight which, depending on your viewpoint, can be a step forward or backward.

Many of the more revolutionary changes were consigned to the optional rules which form a bridge of sorts to PG: Modern.