On September 16th in Panzer Grenadier:
Arctic Front Deluxe #19 - Syvari Power PlantFirst Axis #11 - Holding the River
Invasion of Germany #6 - Filling the GapsInvasion of Germany #7 - Dueling for the High Ground
Invasion of Germany #8 - Scharnhorst's LineInvasion of Germany #9 - Homeland Security
North of Elsenborn #3 - Scharnhorst's LineNorth of Elsenborn #4 - Homeland Security
Siege of Leningrad #2 - Black Day of the NorthWest Wall #4 - Filling the Gaps
West Wall #5 - Dueling for the High GroundWhite Eagles #9 - Children of Warsaw
White Eagles #10 - Poland's Bravest SonWhite Eagles #26 - Black on Black

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