On September 1st in Panzer Grenadier:
C&CV2: The King's Officers #1 - Italy Invades EgyptDivisione Corazzata #5 - Close Assault
Eastern Front #63 - Moscow Proletarian AdvanceFronte Russo #47 - A Costly Counterattack
Go for Broke #15 - Arno River CrossingHammer & Sickle #31 - Lone Star
Hammer & Sickle #32 - Third EchelonIndian Unity #10 - The Extraordinary Sidney Cotton
Iron Curtain #11 - Lone StarIron Curtain #12 - Third Echelon
Iron Wolves #4 - Common CauseIron Wolves #5 - Staggered Assault
Iron Wolves #6 - Back to MemelPatton's Nightmare #20 - Bloody Sunrise
Secret Weapons #20 - Guards CounterattackSecret Weapons #22 - North German Plain
Secret Weapons #23 - Mandated DefenseWaltzing Matilda #5 - Sons of Lasalles
Waltzing Matilda #6 - Steel SpringsWaltzing Matilda #7 - As Fast As a Leopard
White Eagles #1 - Contradiction in TermsWhite Eagles #2 - Fortress Poland
White Eagles #14 - CavalryWhite Eagles #15 - Blood Libel
White Eagles #16 - Bicycle RacesWhite Eagles #30 - Smialy the Dragon
White Eagles #31 - Train in VainWhite Eagles #34 - Tuchola Forest
White Eagles #35 - Fifth ColumnWhite Eagles #36 - Carpathian Panzers

Launched on 2010-06-06, Panzer Grenadier Headquarters' mission is simple and forthright:

PG-HQ strives to become the nexus of the Panzer Grenadier Community

The Panzer Grenadier universe is massive: 79 games featuring 34 nations fielding 1,135 distinct units across 2,152 different battles. We strive to provide the tools, the ability, the infrastructure to support such a diverse, sprawling series in the belief that wargamers need, want, and most of all enjoy coming together to share in the gaming experience - provided it can be done easily, quickly, and freely.

Due to our limited resources, we are not - cannot be - fast or flashy, but instead we are patient and methodical. The Panzer Grenadier series will survive long past the day when Avalanche Press closes its doors for the final time, and holding steady at the center will be PG-HQ.

With every new play we grow a little bit wiser. With every new AAR we grow a little bit taller. And with every new member we grow a little bit stronger.

Our members hail from 29 different countries. Join us, as we grow together!