On June 30th in Panzer Grenadier:
Beyond Normandy #26 - Night Attack : FrundsbergBeyond Normandy #27 - Night Attack : Hohenstaufen
Beyond Normandy #28 - Night Attack : II SS Panzer CorpsEastern Front #18 - Lelyushenko's Counterattack
Eastern Front #19 - First BloodEastern Front #20 - Gorodischtsche
Pusan Perimeter #13 - Across the Han RiverPanzer Grenadier #6 - First Blood: IR Gross Deutschland on the Eastern Front
Panzer Grenadier #16 - GorodischtscheSaipan 1944 #33 - Purple Heart Ridge

Impartial Leader Selector

This tool will randomly select leaders for both sides of any given scenario. Results can be emailed to addresses of your choice. In such instances the PG-HQ Admin also automatically receives a copy of the email for verification. This makes the ILS ideal for competitive play scenario preparations.

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Aachen 1944 Invasion of Germany
Afrika Korps Iron Curtain
Airborne Iron Wolves
Airborne - IE Jungle Fighting
Airborne - Remastered Kokoda Campaign
Alaska's War Kokoda Trail
An Army at Dawn Kursk - Burning Tigers
Aphelion 2015 Kursk - South Flank
Arctic Front La Campagne de Tunisie
Arctic Front Deluxe Land Cruisers
Army Group South Ukraine Liberation 1944
Battle of the Bulge Lions of Finland
Beyond Normandy Little Saturn
Black SS March on Leningrad
Blackshirt Division Marianas 1944
Blue Division Nihon Silk
Broken Axis North of Elsenborn
C&CV1: War in the East North Wind
C&CV2: The King's Officers Panzer Grenadier
Carpathian Brigade Panzer Lion
Cassino '44 Patton's Nightmare
Columbus Day 2015 Polish Steel
Conquest of Ethiopia Power of the East
DAK '44 Pusan Perimeter
Desert Rats Red & White
Divisione Corazzata Red Warriors
Eastern Front Road to Berlin
Edelweiss Roer River Battles
Edelweiss IV Romanian Soil
Edelweiss: Expanded Saipan 1944
Elsenborn Ridge Secret Weapons
Equinox 2015 Siege of Leningrad
Fall of France Siegfried Line
Fall of Luxembourg Sinister Forces
First Axis South Africa's War
Fronte Russo Tank Battles
Go for Broke Waltzing Matilda
Grossdeutschland 1946 War of the Worlds
Guadalcanal War on the Equator
Hammer & Sickle West Wall
Heroes of the Soviet Union White Eagles
Hopeless, But Not Serious Winter Soldiers
Indian Unity Workers and Peasants