Panzer Grenadier Battles on January 23rd:
An Army at Dawn #14 - Ousseltia Seesaw Jungle Fighting #32 - To the Poha
Desert Rats #6 - Night Fight Road to Berlin #21 - Quiet Sector
Jungle Fighting #29 - Mt. Austin: The End
Now on to....Tea
Author Retiredgrunt17
Method Solo
Victor Britain, Canada, Gurkha, India
Play Date 2018-01-09
Language English
Scenario Cass026

The Indian Force managed to get a good two pronged assault on to St Angelo. he Germans made no attempt to reinforce the town due to the open ground between St Angelo and Horseshoe Ridge. They banked on being able to support St Angelo by fire and arty and make the Indian Force pay. It didn’t go over well. The Indians managed to either eliminate or force the Germans out of St Angelo. The Indians suffered minor losses, with the Germans losing nearly the entire force from St Angelo. Without pushing on to Horseshoe Ridge, the Indians gained a minor victory.

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