Panzer Grenadier Battles on January 23rd:
An Army at Dawn #14 - Ousseltia Seesaw Jungle Fighting #32 - To the Poha
Desert Rats #6 - Night Fight Road to Berlin #21 - Quiet Sector
Jungle Fighting #29 - Mt. Austin: The End
Author Blackcloud6
Method Solo
Victor Draw
Play Date 2018-01-05
Language English
Scenario InoG013

What looked to be a straightforward assault against town turned out to be quite a game of maneuver. the Germans defended with just four Grenadier platoons in the forward towns as a delay. The put their guns and mortars in the woods on the east flank with the Panther forward to protect them and prevent a dash across the board. The Hetzers were in the west woods of Board 24.

Seeing the cross fire of AT weapons in the open ground, the Americans attacked through the East Woods. They then hooked west to clear the four towns while sending a force north through the woods. This kept pushing the panthers back to avoid getting in a crossfire situation. Just as planned, the Americans got tied up clearing the forward towns. But it looked like a good chance at an American win if they could get to the gun units or kill the panthers. But the Germans pulled back into Munsterbusch and killed some M-18s when the Americans tried to swarm the Panthers. The Ammericans then tried to maneuver west to take the far town on the ridge to score just enough point to win. But the Panther stymied them killing some Shermans. The game ended in a draw.

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