Panzer Grenadier Battles on January 23rd:
An Army at Dawn #14 - Ousseltia Seesaw Jungle Fighting #32 - To the Poha
Desert Rats #6 - Night Fight Road to Berlin #21 - Quiet Sector
Jungle Fighting #29 - Mt. Austin: The End
Knee Deep in Nowhere
Author Retiredgrunt17
Method Solo
Victor United States
Play Date 2018-01-02
Language English
Scenario AlWa010

I gave this scenario a variable. I rolled the dice to see if the Japanese found the trail. They didn’t, and rolled a 6 for six hexes away. Most of the scenario involved the Japanese mired in the muskeg, only getting close to the hill in the final three turns. The US by then had LOS and brought fire on the slowed Japanese. The Japanese suffered several disruptions and were unable to even disrupt a single US unit. US victory.

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