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Korean War: Counter-Attack, scenario #58: Task Force Lynch
Author JayTownsend
Method Solo
Victor Draw
Play Date 2017-12-31
Language English
Scenario KWCA058

Korean War: Counter-Attack, scenario #58: Task Force Lynch

I needed a quick PG fix today as I am too busy later today to get a larger scenario setup, so this was it. First let me state, this was a hard scenario to simulate or design but when I read about the account I had to get this one into the Korean War, Panzer Grenadier scenario mix. Also, originally when I designed this, the North Koreans were supposed to activate first on turn one but mention of this got left off the finished product somehow.

It is an odd mix of units to combat each other in the night with 12 turns. The North Koreans did activate first by dice roll and I stacked the reduced steps of T34/85s into stacks of two for more impact. The Lead American reduced step M26 got off the first shot knocking out one T34/85 but the next turn the adjacent T34/85 tanks knocked out the M26. In the night confusion the American lost a total of 2 jeeps, 1 jeep .50, 1 SGT and one step of M26. Only the M26 step worth two points and the Jeep .50 worth one point counted for a total of 3 points lost. While the NKPA lost the one T34/85 step to the M26 mentioned earlier, one tank step to a 3.5 Bazooka team and one tank step to an assault of mixed units for a total of three steps or 6 points lost. The difference of three points in the American favor but one side had to win by 4 to 6 point just to achieve a minor victory, so this was a Draw.

In hind-sight, I should not have made the victory condition margins so large but with different strategies I wasn’t and still am not sure? At least until some more plays are recorded on this scenario. I also should have kept my stack of T34/85s in one stack of three for more fire power with one for reserve to replace loses. The last remaining T34/85 pulled out of action when the American got too close to a victory, not wanting to risk it, as they could not achieve one themselves at this stage.

Still a fun puzzle to try and solve for both sides and a quick scenario at that.

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