Panzer Grenadier Battles on December 14th:
Arctic Front Deluxe #5 - Across the Lake
Grossdeutschland uber alles
Author Blackcloud6
Method Solo
Victor Germany
Play Date 2017-07-30
Language English
Scenario FaoF010

I played this with a modified (less effects) of an artillery optional rule I am testing, which turned out to have little to no effect on the scenario. This is a good little scenario that is cleverly designed. Having the effect of a pre-game aerial bombardment disrupt all the French units makes it for a scramble for the Germans to get across the river and for the French to rally their troops. GD chose to cross on the east edge of the map where they used smoke and artillery to get he Pioneers into the water and then as much infantry across as they can which is tough with the low crossing numbers. The French did have an opportunity to hammer the Germans on the water but their artillery and mortars either had no effect or Germans brushed off the morale checks. Once across the Germans methodically expanded the bridgehead then broke around the south to the west and started to envelop the French. Once it became apparent the Germans were going to build up combat power across the river, the Germans became less aggressive and engaged the French with ranged fire and artillery. The final score was 34-17 for a German decisive victory.

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