Panzer Grenadier Battles on December 14th:
Arctic Front Deluxe #5 - Across the Lake
US Firepower
Author Blackcloud6
Method Solo
Victor United States
Play Date 2017-07-28
Language English
Scenario KWCA028

I played this one to test an Optional Rule for artillery suppression I've come up with and hope to write up in a Daily Content article for AP. It had some effect but not much to skew the results. The NK forces set up with a hill top defense, a delay in the town at the bridge and forward line at 40 meter line to force the Americans into a kill zone. The US brushed aside the delay then turned south to take on the hill. The first line of defense took about four turns to break and then the desperate fight for the hill top began. It was a tough slog for the US forces as two sides of the hill defense held out to the bitter end but the overwhelming US firepower finally took its toll. The game ended with the US fully in control of the hill and winning decisively 27 to 6.

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