Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 25th:
Desert Rats #8 - Cavalleria
A German Drubbing
Author Schoenwulf
Method Solo
Victor Germany
Play Date 2017-04-08
Language English
Scenario FaoF003

In the late afternoon of May 10, 1940, German elements of the 69th Schützen Regiment & 7th Panzer Regiment and select reconnaissance units were spotted by units from the 5th Cuirassiers of the 2nd Division Legere de Cavalerie. The French cavalry quickly dismounted and were supported by both a 25mm and 60mm artillery platoon. The mortar group was forward on the hill covering a roadblock at the crossroads, while the 25mm unit was placed on the west central hill between two entrenchments on the north and south points of the same hill. The remaining French troops were in the southwest village. Both the mortar unit and the 25mm one were eliminated by German OBA early in the skirmish. A German motorcycle platoon and SK232/8 unit led the group west along the main road while towns on the east sector were being secured in German control. A roadblock at the crossroads was removed by German engineers at 1700, which cleared the way for the advance of the German forces. The north French entrenchment was captured at 1745, while German armor and infantry led by Major von Houten entered the southwest village. At 1800 hours, four French cavalry platoons arrived from the southeast, and the German assault on both the south entrenchment and southwest village began shortly thereafter. However, the French held out at both locations. Another wave of French cavalry and motorcycle units arrived at 1845 from the southeast and southwest respectively. While they bolstered the beleaguered French and harassed the Germans, they were only able to eliminate one German 37mm AT platoon. The battle ended at 2015 with the Germans claiming a major victory.

This scenario is another of those historically accurate, but unbalanced plays. The French have a handful of units to try and hold a large number of town and entrenchment hexes that are worth 2 VP’s each, while the Germans have extensive firepower, including 32 OBA, and mobility. Two factors made this particular playthrough more difficult for the French: they only had initiative on 2 of 16 turns, and the reinforcements were delayed by 1-2 turns from their potential arrival. Neither side did very well on their firing accuracy, since the Germans could not root out the French from an entrenchment or village hex, despite having a 2-3 column advantage and five turns to do so, and the French did little damage to those German forces or any other for that matter. The Germans ended up with 37 VP’s from 15 French steps lost, and control of one entrenchment and ten town hexes, while the French had 4 VP’s from 2 German steps eliminated and control of a single town hex. The result was a major German victory, despite FoW ending 7 of 16 turns prematurely.

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