On June 28th in Panzer Grenadier:
Beyond Normandy #15 - Capture of Hill 112Beyond Normandy #16 - Mouen
Beyond Normandy #17 - Grainville 2Beyond Normandy #18 - Counterattack on Hill 112
Beyond Normandy #19 - 10th HLI at MouenBeyond Normandy #20 - 28 June : Battle For The Corridor
Eastern Front #17 - Land BattleshipsHammer & Sickle #26 - All American
Iron Curtain #6 - All AmericanPusan Perimeter #11 - Isolation
Pusan Perimeter #12 - The Outskirts of SeoulSaipan 1944 #30 - Pushing Forward
Saipan 1944 #31 - The Unusual Situation
Saipan, scenario #38: Paradise Valley
Author JayTownsend
Method Solo
Victor America
Play Date 2013-01-22
Language English
Scenario Saip038

Three cave counters, both sides get some assets, the Marines more with better off board artillery, air-support and the Satan flame-throwing tank unit. The Marines tried to push forward to the Japanese caves on the far hill and once getting close enough organize into two battle-groups going up either side of the mountain on both trails leading to the top. The Satan Flame-throwing Stuart tank lost a step to the Japanese 70mm gun on the higher ground but after that and with air-support they only lost one more Infantry step and controlled two caves and could have gone for the third but I didn’t see the point in risking more life’s when the American had won a good victory for a change in the heavy mountain jungle.

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