Panzer Grenadier Battles on August 28th:
Fronte Russo #41 - Ring of Fire Patton's Nightmare #6 - Lucky Charms
Kokoda Campaign #7 - Isurava and the Trail South Scenario 2: Isurava, Day Two Patton's Nightmare #7 - Slim Pickings
Kokoda Campaign #28 - Milne Bay Scenario 4: Assault on No. 3 Airstrip Patton's Nightmare #8 - Hornet's Nest
Kokoda Trail #7 - Milne Bay — The Breakout Patton's Nightmare #9 - Foul Mood
Kokoda Trail #9 - Isurava, Day Two Power of the East #12 - Samurai Stalingrad
Kokoda Trail #10 - Assault on No. 3 Airstrip

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