Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 25th:
Desert Rats #8 - Cavalleria
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Night Sortie
Fall of France #33
(Defender) Germany vs France (Attacker)
Formations Involved
France 24e Régiment de Tirailleurs Tunisiens
France 3e Régiment de Tirailleurs Marocains
France 6e Régiment de Tirailleurs Marocains
Germany 20th Motorized Infantry Division
Germany 4th Panzer Division

Overall balance chart for FaoF033
Side 1 1
Draw 0
Side 2 0
Overall Rating, 1 vote
Scenario Rank: --- of 609
Parent Game Fall of France
Historicity Historical
Date 1940-05-21
Start Time 01:30
Turn Count 30
Visibility Night
Counters 174
Net Morale 0
Net Initiative 0
Maps 6: 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33
Layout Dimensions 129 x 56 cm
51 x 22 in
Play Bounty 156
AAR Bounty 220
Total Plays 1
Total AARs 0
Battle Types
Enter & Exit
Terrain Mods
Scenario Requirements & Playability
Fall of France maps + counters

By the third week of May the situation in the Mormal Forest was a disaster. Since Rommel's raid through the French lines toward the Sambre River, French units were scattered everywhere and panzers were rushing about in an orgy of breakthroughs and encirclements. Though ordered to clear the forest of Germans, the French commanders there knew that to be impossible and tried for an orderly withdrawal instead. Colonel Mesny gathered the best forces he could and made his move in the middle of the night.


Colonel Mesny moved out with the lead French units at midnight and soon encountered enemy columns in the dark. Unexpected encounters with enemy minefields and anti-tank obstacles slowed his progress further, and the now-alerted 4th Panzer Division began to send infantry, engineers, tanks, artillery and even FlaK units to intercept the French move. At 0600 the avant-garde had reached the Escaut River with only minimal losses, but fighting at the rear had become horrible. A company of Moroccans was sent back to help their comrades but was blocked by 88mm and Panzer fire between Louvignies and Englefontaine. At 0745 the Tunisians and Moroccans decided to force their way through to the west, and assaulted the German defenses while singing a prayer for the dead. They must have known their fate, because their attack was crushed by panzers, machine guns and AA guns, and most of them were killed or captured. Only small, scattered groups eventually reached the Escaut during the night of May 21.

Display Relevant AFV Rules

AFV Rules Pertaining to this Scenario's Order of Battle
  • Vulnerable to results on the Assault Combat Chart (7.25, 7.63, ACC), and may be attacked by Anti-Tank fire (11.2, DFT). Anti-Tank fire only affects the individual unit fired upon (7.62, 11.0).
  • AFV's are activated by tank leaders (3.2, 3.3, 5.42, 6.8). They may also be activated as part of an initial activating stack, but if activated in this way would need a tank leader in order to carry out combat movement.
  • AFV's do not block Direct Fire (10.1).
  • Full-strength AFV's with "armor efficiency" may make two anti-tank (AT) fire attacks per turn (either in their action segment or during opportunity fire) if they have AT fire values of 0 or more (11.2).
  • Each unit with an AT fire value of 2 or more may fire at targets at a distance of between 100% and 150% of its printed AT range. It does so at half its AT fire value. (11.3)
  • Efficient and non-efficient AFV's may conduct two opportunity fires per turn if using direct fire (7.44, 7.64). Units with both Direct and AT Fire values may use either type of fire in the same turn as their opportunity fire, but not both (7.22, 13.0). Units which can take opportunity fire twice per turn do not have to target the same unit both times (13.0).
  • Demoralized AFV's are not required to flee from units that do not have AT fire values (14.3).
  • Place a Wreck marker when an AFV is eliminated in a bridge or town hex (16.3).
  • AFV's do not benefit from Entrenchments (16.42).
  • AFV's may Dig In (16.2).
  • Open-top AFV's: Immune to M, M1 and M2 results on Direct and Bombardment Fire Tables, but DO take step losses from X and #X results (7.25, 7.41, 7.61, BT, DFT). If a "2X" or "3X" result is rolled, at least one of the step losses must be taken by an open-top AFV if present.
  • Closed-top AFV's: Immune to M, M1 and M2 results on Direct and Bombardment Fire Tables. Do not take step losses from Direct or Bombardment Fire. If X or #X result on Fire Table, make M morale check instead (7.25, 7.41, 7.61, BT, DFT).
  • Closed-top AFV's: Provide the +1 modifier on the Assault Table when combined with infantry. (Modifier only applies to Germans in all scenarios; Soviet Guards in scenarios taking place after 1942; Polish, US and Commonwealth in scenarios taking place after 1943.) (ACC)
  • Tank: all are closed-top and provide the +1 Assault bonus, when applicable
  • APC – Armored Personnel Carrier: These are Combat Units, but stack like Transports. They can transport personnel units or towed units. They are not counted as combat units for the +1 stacking modifier on the Direct Fire and Bombardment Tables (4.4). They may be activated by regular leaders and tank leaders (1.2, 3.34, 4.3, 5.43). They do not provide the +1 Assault bonus (ACC).
  • Prime Movers: Transports which only transport towed units and/or leaders (May not carry personnel units). May or may not be armored (armored models are open-top). All are mechanized. (SB)
  • Unarmored Weapon Carriers: These are unarmored halftracks (Bufla and Sk7/2) or fully-tracked vehicles (Karl siege mortar) with mounted weapons. All are mechanized, except the BM-13 (Katyusha rocket launcher mounted on a truck). They are weapon units, not AFV's, so they are never efficient and cannot be activated by tank leaders. (SB)

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France Order of Battle
Armée de Terre
  • Mechanized
Germany Order of Battle
  • Motorized

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5 Errata Items
Scen 33

The Germans are short by seven trucks, not being able to meet the requirements for the OOB.

(TheDoctor on 2012 Aug 14)
Overall balance chart for 623

In 1940: Fall of France, the units show Direct Fire. All units are Indirect Fire.

(rerathbun on 2015 Jun 06)
Overall balance chart for 2

Two 105mms (ID#s 1204, 1205) have "16-31" fire values in black (direct fire), when they should be in white (indirect fire).

(Shad on 2010 Dec 15)
Overall balance chart for 20

The reduced direct fire value of the Heer HMG became 5-5 starting with Fall of France.

(plloyd1010 on 2015 Jul 31)
Overall balance chart for 47

All SPW 251s have an armor value of 0.

(Shad on 2010 Dec 15)
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