Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 24th:
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Catanzaro Division, Southern Sector
Afrika Korps #17
(Defender) Italy vs Britain (Attacker)
Formations Involved
Britain 11th "Prince Albert's Own" Hussars
Britain 7th Armoured Brigade
Britain 8th Hussars
Italy 141º Reggimento Fanteria "Cantanzaro"
Italy 203º Reggimento Artiglieria
Italy 64ª Divisone Fanteria "Catanzaro"
Italy 64º Battaglione Mitraglieri

Overall balance chart for AfKo017
Side 1 0
Draw 5
Side 2 7
Overall Rating, 11 votes
Scenario Rank: 468 of 609
Parent Game Afrika Korps
Historicity Historical
Date 1940-12-11
Start Time 14:00
Turn Count 15
Visibility Day
Counters 86
Net Morale 1
Net Initiative 3
Maps 1: AK1
Layout Dimensions 88 x 58 cm
35 x 23 in
Play Bounty 102
AAR Bounty 143
Total Plays 12
Total AARs 4
Battle Types
Rural Assault
Scenario Requirements & Playability
Afrika Korps maps + counters

On the afternoon of 11 December elements of 7th British Armored Brigade attacked other elements of the Catanzaro Division. The long side of an L-shaped defensive line comprising the division's position was approached by 8th and elements of 11th Hussar Regiments.


The 8th Hussars broke through the Italian positions and joined with the 3rd Hussars advancing from the east to overwhelm the defenders. The Catanzaro Division ceased to exist a few days later.

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AFV Rules Pertaining to this Scenario's Order of Battle
  • Vulnerable to results on the Assault Combat Chart (7.25, 7.63, ACC), and may be attacked by Anti-Tank fire (11.2, DFT). Anti-Tank fire only affects the individual unit fired upon (7.62, 11.0).
  • AFV's are activated by tank leaders (3.2, 3.3, 5.42, 6.8). They may also be activated as part of an initial activating stack, but if activated in this way would need a tank leader in order to carry out combat movement.
  • AFV's do not block Direct Fire (10.1).
  • Full-strength AFV's with "armor efficiency" may make two anti-tank (AT) fire attacks per turn (either in their action segment or during opportunity fire) if they have AT fire values of 0 or more (11.2).
  • Each unit with an AT fire value of 2 or more may fire at targets at a distance of between 100% and 150% of its printed AT range. It does so at half its AT fire value. (11.3)
  • Efficient and non-efficient AFV's may conduct two opportunity fires per turn if using direct fire (7.44, 7.64). Units with both Direct and AT Fire values may use either type of fire in the same turn as their opportunity fire, but not both (7.22, 13.0). Units which can take opportunity fire twice per turn do not have to target the same unit both times (13.0).
  • Demoralized AFV's are not required to flee from units that do not have AT fire values (14.3).
  • Place a Wreck marker when an AFV is eliminated in a bridge or town hex (16.3).
  • AFV's do not benefit from Entrenchments (16.42).
  • AFV's may Dig In (16.2).
  • Open-top AFV's: Immune to M, M1 and M2 results on Direct and Bombardment Fire Tables, but DO take step losses from X and #X results (7.25, 7.41, 7.61, BT, DFT). If a "2X" or "3X" result is rolled, at least one of the step losses must be taken by an open-top AFV if present.
  • Closed-top AFV's: Immune to M, M1 and M2 results on Direct and Bombardment Fire Tables. Do not take step losses from Direct or Bombardment Fire. If X or #X result on Fire Table, make M morale check instead (7.25, 7.41, 7.61, BT, DFT).
  • Closed-top AFV's: Provide the +1 modifier on the Assault Table when combined with infantry. (Modifier only applies to Germans in all scenarios; Soviet Guards in scenarios taking place after 1942; Polish, US and Commonwealth in scenarios taking place after 1943.) (ACC)
  • Tank: all are closed-top and provide the +1 Assault bonus, when applicable
  • Armored Cars: These are Combat Units. They are motorized instead of mechanized. All have their own armored car leaders, who can only activate armored cars (6.85). Do not provide the +1 Assault bonus (ACC).
  • Reconnaissance Vehicle: 8.23 Special Spotting Powers Both foot and vehicle mounted recce units (1.2) possess two special spotting abilities. The first ability is that they can spot enemy in limiting terrain at one hex further than the TEC specifies for other units and leaders. For example, an enemy unit in town can normally be spotted at three hexes or less, but a recce unit can spot them at four hexes.Their second ability is that they can place a Spotted marker on any one enemy unit they can spot per turn, just as if the enemy unit had "blown its cover" by firing. Such Spotted markers are removed as described earlier.

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Britain Order of Battle
  • Leader
  • Motorized
Italy Order of Battle
Regio Esercito

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2 Errata Items
Overall balance chart for 827

This is an armored car.

(Shad on 2010 Dec 15)
Overall balance chart for 871

Ignore the direct fire values.

(Shad on 2010 Dec 15)

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Hands Up!
Author Retiredgrunt17
Method Solo
Victor Britain
Play Date 2018-02-03
Language English
Scenario AfKo017

This was my first scenario involving mass Italian surrender. They had a decent, though strung out line with some AT firepower. The Brit left swung around the Italian right. The Italians tried digging more troops in and moving troops from their left to the right to build a north-south line in the center, hoping to use their guns to good effect. It started well, taking out two Brit tank steps. It didn’t last though, and when one AT gun went silent and another assaulted, the Italian line fell quickly. British win.

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Aggressive British Pay the Price
Author dreierj
Method Solo
Victor Draw
Play Date 2015-05-18
Language English
Scenario AfKo017

The British strategy was to move in quickly and force the Italians to surrender. The Italians planned on getting some accurate anti-tank fire from the guns scattered along their defensive line. They also expected to be able to move back as the tanks approached.

The four armored British squadrons approached quickly resulting in a lot of Italian surrenders, but very accurate AT fire soon took a serious toll on the British. By 1500, the British had lost 10 steps. The best they could do now was force a draw. They needed to eliminate 40 steps; they already had 34 with a couple of hours remaining. Now they had Italians scattering to the north and the chase was on.

By 1530, the British had met their victory conditions, eliminating 40 steps. The Italians were in disarray and scattered. The British had broken the line, but sustained too many step losses in the process. They had achieved a draw.

It appears that the primary reason that the British did not achieve victory was that they took too much risk. The armored cars and MkIVbs were vulnerable to the Italian guns. They should have stayed out of range until the 25-lbr could disrupt the 75mm AT guns.

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Author petermc
Method Solo
Victor Britain
Play Date 2003-10-26
Language English
Scenario AfKo017

I blasted through AK scenario 17 in no time tonight. The British Hussars and other tanks have 15 turns to rack up 40 step losses on an all infantry force. I quit on turn 6, with 27 step losses already...and another 18 in surrender-rolling position for next turn.

pretty easy stuff. One thing I might try if I play again is have some Italians dig in. But the surrender rule, and lack of AT weaponry, really puts the Italians in run-run mode. Not much to do, although I suppose if the Brits are careless, in some location where you pass a surrender roll you could assault some tanks..even then you will need to roll a "1" result on assault to have any effect, so I'm not sure what you can do here besides creative running.

Fun historical scenario though...nice to see at ground level how ill suited for the desert the bulky Italian infantry divisions really were. It's like watching the real thing during a flyover.

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Promising start but the Italians just surrendered
Author campsawyer
Method Solo
Victor Britain
Play Date 2011-05-21
Language English
Scenario AfKo017

This is a interesting scenario but needs some tweaks. The scenario is an automatic British victory, without a lot of luck for the Italians. The surrender rule really gives the British a edge that is too big for the Italian player to overcome and the defeat of the Italian will occur without help. What is interesting is stringing out the Italian setup end to end of the board, it was one big conga line or surrender line.

For my play the British entered both at eastern and western side of the south edge of the board. The Italians immediately went after the British guns with there guns and scored a step loss on the 2pdr AT gun and its truck, one turn later the Lt with them was double disrupted. The 25 pdr stayed in good order but its Lt was disrupted a couple of times. Meanwhile the tanks closed on the Italians. In a vain attempt to slow them, the Italians OP fired but failed to score any morale checks. The British started to call for surrender from their tanks and the Italians obliged. Within two turns 10 steps and 3 Tenenates had surrender the ones that didn't were hit with DF and disrupted. A couple of brave Italian INF's tried to assault the tanks, but were beaten back and surrendered too. The British continued down the line and the Italians continued to surrender in mass. One more Italian assault yielded a disruption on an A13, but they recovered the next turn. By turn 7 the British VC had been achieved.

This is an interesting scenario but the VC's need to be modified to give the Italians a chance, possibly not surrendering by turn XX or something like that. They have no way to slow them even with the guns that they have the British could easily take them out with with the better armored tanks. Possibly some lucky rolls the Italians may win.

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