Panzer Grenadier Battles on December 10th:
An Army at Dawn #9 - Bordj Toum Desert Rats #3 - A Single Day as a Lion
An Army at Dawn #10 - Hanging Tough Desert Rats #4 - A Hundred Years As A Sheep
Afrika Korps #49 - Babini at the Front Marianas 1944 #11 - Out of No Where
Carpathian Brigade #6 - The White Knoll Workers and Peasants #6 - Buying Time
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Formations Catalog

Sandwiched as they are between set up conditions and OOBs, each scenario's participating formations are often overlooked by Panzer Grenadier players eager to get into battle. However, through the painstaking efforts of our site volunteers - particularly plloyd1010 - you can use PG-HQ to follow the exploits of particular formations across the thousands upon thousands of battle scenarios.

To date, we have carefully catalogued order of battle structure and scenario appearance data for 1,853 formations.

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Formations of America
100th "Purple Heart" Infantry Battalion
101st "Screaming Eagles" Airborne Division
103rd "The Dandy First" Engineer Battalion
104th "Timberwolf" Infantry Division
104th Infantry Regiment
106th "Golden Lion" Infantry Division
109th "Thirteenth Pennsylvania" Infantry Regiment
109th Artillery Battalion
10th "Tiger" Armored Division
10th Infantry Regiment
1107th Engineer Combat Group
110th Infantry Regiment
1121st Engineer Group
1128th Engineer Combat Group
112th "Sixteenth Pennsylvania" Infantry Regiment
114th Infantry Regiment
115th Infantry Regiment
116th "Stonewallers" Infantry Regiment
117th Cavalry Regiment
117th Infantry Regiment
119th Infantry Regiment
11th "Angels" Airborne Division
120th "Third North Carolina" Infantry Regiment
12th "Hellcat" Armored Division
12th "Red Warriors" Infantry Regiment
132nd "Queen of Battle" Infantry Regiment
133rd "First Iowa" Infantry Regiment
134th "First Nebraska" Infantry Regimen
135th Infantry Regiment
141st "First Texas" Infantry Regiment
142nd "Seventh Texas" Infantry Regiment
143rd "Third Texas" Infantry Regiment
147th "Gypsies of the Pacific" Infantry Regiment
14th "Liberators" Armored Division
14th Armored Cavalry Regiment
155th Engineer Battalion
158th Engineer Battalion
161st "First Washington" Infantry Regiment
164th Infantry Regiment
168th "Third Iowa" Infantry Regiment
168th Engineer Battalion
16th "Semper Paratus"" Infantry Regiment
175th "Dandy Fifth" Infantry Regiment
17th "Golden Talon" Airborne Division
182nd Infantry Regiment
18th "Vanguards" Infantry Regiment
1st "Big Red One" Infantry Division
1st "Old Ironsides" Armored Division
1st "The Old Breed" Marine Division
1st Cavalry Division
1st Marine "Edson's" Raider Battalion
1st Marine Engineer Battalion
1st Marine Parachute Battalion
1st Marine Regiment
2/102nd Cavalry Regiment
202nd Engineer Battalion
20th "Armoraiders" Armored Division
20th Armored Infantry Battalion
22nd Field Artillery Battalion
22nd Infantry Regiment
23rd "Americal" Infantry Division
246th Field Artillery Battalion
254th Engineer Battalion
25th "Tropic Lightning" Infantry Division
25th Reconnaissance Troop
26th "Yankee" Infantry Division
26th Infantry Regiment
27th Infantry Regiment
28th "Keystone" Infantry Division
297th Infantry Regiment
29th "'Blue and Grey" Infantry Division
29th Infantry Regiment
2nd "Always Ready" Armored Cavalry Regiment
2nd "Hell on Wheels" Armored Division
2nd "Indianhead" Infantry Division
2nd Marine "Carlson's" Raider Battalion
2nd Marine Division
2nd Marine Regiment
2nd Marine Tank Battalion
2nd Tank Battalion
309th Engineer Battalion
30th "Old Hickory" Infantry Division
318th Infantry Regiment
319th Infantry Regiment
31st "Dixie" Infantry Division
325th Glider Infantry Regiment
326th Airborne Engineer Battalion
327th Glider Infantry Regiment
328th Infantry Regiment
335th Infantry Regiment
34th "Red Bull" Infantry Division
35th "Santa Fe" Infantry Division
35th Infantry Regiment
35th Tank Battalion
36th "Texas" Infantry Division
390th AAA Battalion
3rd "Spearhead" Armored Division
3rd Infantry Division
3rd Tank Battalion
401st Glider Infantry Regiment
420th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
42nd "Rainbow" Infantry Division
43rd Engineer General Services Regiment
442nd "Nisei" Infantry Regiment
447th AAA Battalion
44th Engineer Battalion
44th Infantry Division
47th Infantry Regiment
48th Tank Battalion
49th "Lone Star" Armored Division
4th "Ivy" Infantry Division
4th Armored Division
4th Cavalry Group
4th Cavalry Squadron
501st Parachute Infantry Regiment
502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment
504th Parachute Infantry Regiment
505th Parachute Infantry Regiment
506th Parachute Infantry Regiment
507th Parachute Infantry Regiment
508th Parachute Infantry Regiment
509th Parachute Infantry Battalion
517th Separate Parachute Infantry Regiment
51st Armored Infantry Battalion
526th Armored Infantry Battalion
551st Parachute Infantry Battalion
58th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
5th "Red Devils" Infantry Division
5th "Victory" Armored Division
5th Marine Defense Battalion
5th Marine Regiment
607th Tank Destroyer Battalion
609th Tank Destroyer Battalion
60th Armored Infantry Battalion
610th Tank Destroyer Battalion
629th Tank Destroyer Battalion
62nd Armored Infantry Battalion
630th Tank Destroyer Battalion
634th Tank Destroyer Battalion
638th Tank Destroyer Battalion
644th Tank Destroyer Battalion
654th Tank Destroyer Battalion
687th Field Artillery Battalion
69th Infantry Division
6th "Regulars" Armored Infantry Regiment
6th "Super Sixth" Armored Division
6th Marine Division
6th Marine Regiment
701st Tank Destoryer Battalion
702nd Tank Battalion
705th Tank Destroyer Battalion
707th Tank Battalion
709th Airborne Anti-Aircraft Battery
709th Tank Battalion
70th Infantry Division
70th Tank Battalion
716th Tank Battalion
71st "The American Guard" Infantry Regiment
737th Tank Battalion
741st Tank Battalion
743rd Tank Battalion
745th Tank Battalion
746th Tank Battalion
747th Tank Battalion
749th Tank Battalion
750th Tank Battalion
753rd Tank Battalion
756th Tank Battalion
75th Infantry Division
760th U.S. Tank Battalion
762nd Tank Battalion
776th Tank Destroyer Battalion
77th "Statue of Liberty" Infantry Division
78th "Lightning" Infantry Division
79th "Cross of Lorraine" Infantry Division
7th "Lucky Seventh" Armored Division
7th Infantry Division
7th Infantry Regiment
7th Marine Regiemnt
803rd Tank Destroyer Battalion
807th Tank Destroyer Battalion
80th "Blue Ridge" Infantry Division
813th Tank Destroyer Battalion
818th Tank Destroyer Battalion
821st Tank Destroyer Battalion
823rd Tank Destroyer Battalion
823rd Tank Destroyer Battalion
824th Tank Destroyer Battalion
82nd "All American" Airborne Division
83rd "Thunderbolt" Infantry Division
84th "The Railsplitters" Infantry Division
899th Tank Destroyer Battalion
8th "Fighting Eagles" Infantry Regiment
8th Marine Regiment
90th "Tough 'Ombres" Infantry Division
96th "Deadeye" Infantry Division
99th "Battle Babies" Infantry Division
9th "Old Reliables" Infantry Division
9th "Phantom" Armored Division
Marine Corps
Formations of Australia
10th Light Horse Regiment
11th Infantry Brigade
14th Infantry Brigade
16th Infantry Brigade
17th Infantry Brigade
18th Infantry Brigade
19th Infantry Brigade
1st Armoured Division
1st Cavalry Division
2/10th "The Adelaide Rifles" Infantry Battalion
2/10th Field Regimen RAA
2/11th Infantry battalion
2/12th Infantry Battalion
2/13th Infantry Battalion
2/14th Infantry Battalion
2/15th Infantry Battalion
2/16th Infantry Battalion
2/17th Infantry Battalion
2/1st Engineer Battalion
2/1st Infantry Battalion
2/23rd Infantry Battalion
2/24th Infantry Battalion
2/25th Infantry Battalion
2/28th Infantry Battalion
2/2nd Infantry Battalion
2/33rd Infantry Battalion
2/3rd Anti-Tank Regiment RAA
2/3rd Infantry Battalion
2/40th Infantry Battalion
2/43rd Infantry Battalion
2/48th Infantry Battalion
2/4th Machinegun Battalion
2/5th Infantry Battalion
2/6th Infantry Battalion
2/7th Infantry Battalion
2/8th Infantry Battalion
2/9th Infantry Battalion
20th Infantry Brigade
21st Infantry Brigade
23rd Infantry Brigade
24th Anti-Tank Company
24th Infantry Brigade
25th Infantry Brigade
26th Infantry Brigade
27th Infantry Brigade
2nd Armoured Division
2nd Cavalry Division
2nd Infantry Division
39th “Hawthorn-Kew Regiment" Infantry Battalion
3rd Army Tank Brigade
3rd Infantry Brigade
3rd Motor Infantry Brigade
4th Infantry Division
4th Light Horse Regiment
53rd “West Sydney Regiment” Infantry Battalion
61st Infantry Battalion
6th Divisional Cavalry Regiment
6th Infantry Division
7th Infantry Brigade
7th Infantry Division
8th Infantry Division
9th Infantry Division
Papuan Infantry Battalion
Formations of Austria
11th "Feldmarschall Loudon" Infantry Regiment
12th "Erzherzog Rainier" Infantry Regiment
14th "Hessen" Infantry Regiment
17th Infantry Regiment
1st Division
2nd Reserve Brigade
3rd Osttiroler "Andreas Hofer" Alpenjäger Bataillon
4th Alpenjäger Battalion
4th Anti-Tank Battalion
4th Division
5th Division
6th Division
7th Division
8th Brigade
8th Light Artillery Regiment
8th Pioneer Battalion
9th "Feldmarschall Daun" Alpenjäger Regiment
Fast Division
Styrian Heimwehr
Tiroler Jäger Regiment
Weiner Heimwehr
Formations of Austria Schutzbund
Bruck an der Mur Schutzbund
Kirov Battalion
Linz Schutzband
Vienna Schutzbund
Formations of Britain
1/4th Essex Infantry
1/5th Welsh Infantry
1/7th (Southwark) Queen's Royal Own
1/8th Middlesex Machine-gun
107th "The King's Own" Royal Armoured Corps
107th Royal Horse Artillery
10th Highland Light Infantry
10th Infantry Brigade
11th "Black Bull" Armoured Division
11th "Prince Albert's Own" Hussars
11th Infantry Brigade
129th Infantry Brigade
12th Devonshire Regiment
12th Yorkshire Battalion
130th Infantry Brigade
131st Infantry Brigade
141st Tank Regiment
14th Infantry Brigade
151st Infantry Brigade
152nd Infantry Brigade
153rd Infantry Brigade
153rd Royal Armoured Corps
158th Infantry Brigade
159th Infantry Brigade
15th (Scottish) Infantry Division
160th Infantry Brigade
16th Infantry Brigade
176th Infantry Brigade
185th Infantry Brigade
1st Armoured Brigade
1st Armoured Division
1st Army Tank Brigade
1st City of London Royal Fusiliers
1st Durham Light Infantry
1st East Kent Buffs Infantry
1st East Surrey
1st Essex Infantry
1st Field Regiment Royal Artillery
1st Fife and Forfar Yeomanry
1st Guards Brigade
1st Herefordshires
1st King's Dragoon Guards
1st King's Royal Rifle Corps
1st Manchester Infantry MG
1st Middlesex (machine-gun)
1st Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
1st Rifle Brigade
1st Royal Horse Artillery
1st Royal Norfolk Regiment
1st Royal Northumberland Fusilier Machine-gun
1st Royal Sussex
1st Royal Tank Regiment
1st Welsh Guards
1st Worcestershire Regiment
214th Infantry Brigade
227th Infantry Brigade
22nd Armoured Brigade
22nd Dragoons
22nd Guards Brigade
231st Infantry Brigade
235th Anti-tank Battery
23rd Hussars
23rd Infantry Brigage
27th Armoured Brigade
29th Armoured Brigade
2nd King's Shropshire Light Infantry
2nd Scots Guards
2nd Argyll & Sutherland Highland Infantry
2nd Armored Division
2nd Armoured Brigade
2nd Black Watch
2nd Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry
2nd Glasgow Highlanders
2nd Gordon Highlanders
2nd Grenadier Guards
2nd Highland Light Infantry
2nd King's Own Royal Infantry
2nd King's Royal Rifle Corps
2nd Northamptonshire Yeomanry
2nd Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
2nd Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
2nd Rifle Brigade
2nd Royal Gloucestershire Hussars
2nd Royal Hampshire
2nd Royal Horse Artillery
2nd Royal Tank Regiment
2nd Royal Ulster Rifles
2nd Royal Warwickshire Infantry
2nd West Yorkshire Regiment
30th Armoured Brigade
31st Field Regiment Royal Artillery
31st Tank Brigade
32nd Army Tank Brigade
32nd Guards Infantry Brigade
34th Tank Brigade
36th Infantry Brigade
38th (Irish) Infantry Brigade
3rd Coldstream Guards
3rd County of London Yeomanry Armour
3rd Hussars
3rd Infantry Division
3rd Irish Guards
3rd Monmouthshire Infantry
3rd Parachute Brigade
3rd Royal Horse Artillery
3rd Royal Tank Regiment
3rd Scots Guards Armoured
42nd Royal Tank Regiment
43rd (Wessex) Infantry Division
44th (Home Counties) Infantry Division
44th (Lowland) Infantry Brigade
44th Royal Tank Regiment
46th (Highland) Infantry Brigade
4th "Black Rats" Armoured Brigade
4th "King's Own" Shopshire Light Infantry
4th County of London Yeomanry
4th Dorsetshire Infantry
4th Infantry Division
4th King's Shropshire Light Infantry
4th Royal Horse Artillery
4th Royal Tank Regiment
4th Royal Welch Fusiliers
4th Somerset Light Infantry
4th Wiltshire Infantry
4th/7th Dragoon Guards
50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division
50th Reconnaissance Battalion
51st (Highland) Infantry Division
51st Field Regiment Royal Artillery
53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division
56th Independent Infantry Brigade
59th (Staffordshire) Infantry Division
59th Anti-tank Regiment
5th (Angus and Dundee) Black Watch
5th Coldstream Guards
5th Dorsetshire Infantry
5th Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
5th East Yorkshire
5th Guards Armoured Brigade
5th Northamptonshire Infantry
5th Parachute Brigade
5th Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
5th Royal Tank Regiment
5th Wiltshire Infantry
69th Infantry Brigade
6th Airborne Division
6th Airlanding Brigade
6th Armoured Division
6th Durham Light Infantry
6th Guards Tank Brigade
6th Heavy Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment
6th King's Own Scottish Borderers
6th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
6th Royal Scots Fusiliers
6th Royal Tank Regiment
70th Infantry Division
71st Infantry Brigade
78th Infantry Division
79th Armoured Division
7th "Desert Rats" Armoured Division
7th Armoured Brigade
7th Green Howard Infantry
7th Hampshire Infantry
7th Hussars
7th Royal Tank Regiment
7th Royal Norfolk Infantry
7th Seaforth Highlander Infantry
7th Somerset Light Infantry
7th Support Group
8th Armoured Brigade
8th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
8th Hussars
8th Infantry Brigade
8th Rifle Brigade
8th Royal Scots
8th Royal Tank Regiment
8th Royal West Kent Infantry
91st Anti-tank Regiment
9th (Eastern and Home Counties) Parachute Battalion
9th Cameronians
9th Infantry Brigade
9th Kings Royal Rifle Corps
9th Rifle Brigade
9th Royal Tank Regiment
Blade Force
Combe Force
Douglas & Currie Columns
East Riding Yeomanry
Essex Yeomanry
Fife and Forfarshire Yeomanry Armour
Guards Armoured Division
King's Dragoon Guards
l3th/18th Hussars
Long Range Desert Group
Scots Greys
Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
Staffordshire Yeomanry
Formations of Canada
14th "Calgary" Armoured Regiment
5th Armoured Division
Formations of Ecuador
Arenillas Police Battalion
Cayambe Battalion
Córdova Infantry Battalion
Montecristi Battalion
Zarumilla Police Battalion
Formations of Finland
10th Infantry Division
11th Infantry Division
11th Separate Infantry Battalion
13th Infantry Division
14th Infantry Division
14th Infantry Regiment
16th Infantry Regiment
18th Infantry Division
19th Infantry Division
1st Brigade
1st Infantry Division
1st Infantry Regiment
1st Jäger Battalion
1st Jäger Brigade
1st Tank Battalion
21st Separate Battalion
2nd Independent Infantry Battalion
30th Infantry Regiment
3rd Brigade
3rd Infantry Division
3rd Jäger Battalion
3rd Machinegun Company
3rd Separate Infantry Battalion
4th Infantry Division
4th Tank company
50th Infantry Regiment
5th Frontier Jager Battalion
5th Infantry Division
5th Light Infantry Battalion
62nd Infantry Regiment
64th Infantry Regiment
65th Infantry Regiment
6th Bicycle Battalion
7th Infantry Division
8th Infantry Division
A Detachment
Alfthan Detachment
Armored Brigade
Border Jager Brigade
Cavalry Brigade
Detachment Puroma
Fagemas Task Force
Hame Cavalry Regiment
Karhu Detachment
Light Company
Metsäpirtti Detachment
Neuland Cavalry Regiment
North Karelian Group
P-1 Sissi Battalion
Panssaridivisoona "Marshal's Fist"
Tavela Group
Tribal Brigade
Uusikirkko Group
Formations of France
10e Régiment de Cuirassiers
110e Régiment d'Infanterie
121e Régiment d'Infanterie
137e Régiment d'Infanterie
14e Bataillon de Chars de Combat
15e Division d'Infanterie Motorisée
16e Régiment d'Infanterie Tunisiens
18e Division d'Infanterie
1er Groupe de Reconnaissance de Division d'Infanterie
1er Régiment de Chasseurs à Cheval
1er Régiment de Hussars
1re Brigade de Cavalerie
1re Brigade de Spahis
1re Brigade Légère Mécanique
1re Division Cuirassée de Réserve
1re Division d'infanterie Motorisée
1re Division d'Infanterie Nord-Africaine
1re Division Légère Mécanique
1re Division Légères de Cavalerie
1re Division Marocaine
213e Régiment d'Infanterie
21e Division d'Infanterie
224e Régiment d'Infanteri
22e Régiment d'Infanterie Coloniale
23e Groupe de Reconnaissance de Division d'Infanterie
24e Régiment de Tirailleurs Tunisiens
25e Division d'Infanterie Motorisée
25e Régiment Régional
27e Régiment de Tirailleurs Algériens
2e Brigade de Cavalerie
2e Division Cuirassée de Réserve
2e Division Légère de Cavalerie
2e Division Légère Mécanique
2e Régiment de Cuirassier
2e Régiment de Tirailleurs Algériens
2e Régiment de Tirailleurs Marocains
31e Division d'Infanterie
3e Brigade de Cavalerie
3e Division Cuirassée de Réserve
3e Division d'Infanterie Motorisée
3e Division d'Infanterie Nord-Africaine
3e Division Légère Mécanique
3e Régiment de Cuirassiers
3e Régiment de Tirailleurs Marocains
43e Division d'Infanterie
4e Division Cuirassée de Réserve
4e Division d'Infanterie
4e Division Légère Mécanique
4e Groupe de Reconnaissance de Division d'Infanterie
4e Régiment de Cuirassiers
503e Groupe de Bataillons de Chars
55e Division d'Infanterie
5e Brigade Légère Mécanique
5e Division d'Infanterie Coloniale
5e Division d'Infanterie Motorisée
5e Division d'Infanterie Nord-Africaine
5e Groupe de Reconnaissance de Division d'Infanterie
5e Régiment de Cuirassiers
61e Division d'Infanterie
68e Division d'Infanterie
6e Groupe de Reconnaissance de Division d'Infanterie
6e Régiment de Cuirassiers
6e Régiment de Tirailleurs Marocains
7e Groupe de Reconnaissance de Corps d'Armée
7e Régiment de Tirailleurs Marocains
7th Batailion de Chars Légers
87e Régiment d'Infanterie de Forteresse
8e Régiment de Cuirassiers
93rd Groupements de Reconnaissance d'Infantrie
Armée de Terre
Forces Françaises Libres
Groupement Andre
Groupement Duluc
Groupement Marioge
Service d'Ordre Legionnaire
Vichy l’ Armee de l’ Armistice
Voreppe Garrison
Formations of Germany
1001 Nights Kampfgruppe
100th Mountain Regiment
101st Panzer Regiment
101st SS Heavy Panzer Battalion
102nd SS Heavy Panzer Battalion
103th Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion
104th Panzergrenadier Regiment
1058th Grenadier Regiment
106th Infantry Division
108th Panzer Brigade
10th Motorized Division
10th Oasis Kompanie
10th Panzer Brigade
10th Panzer Division
10th Panzer Regiment
10th SS "Westland" Panzergenadier Regiment
10th SS "Frundsburg" Panzer Division
10th SS Flak Battalion
110th Infantry Division
111th Sturmgeschütz Training Brigade
112th Infantry Division
1130th Grenadier Regiment
113th Motorized Infantry Regiment
115th Panzergrenadier Regiment
116th Panzer Division
119th Panzergrenadier Regiment
11th Flak Division
11th Infantry Division
11th Panzer Division
11th Reconnaissance Battalion
11th SS "Nordland" Panzer Division
11th Sturmgeschütz Brigade
122nd Infantry Division
124th Panzer Pioneer Battalion
125th Panzergrenadier Regiment
126th Artillery Regiment
126th Engineer Battalion
126th Infantry Division
129th Infantry Division
12th Infantry Division
12th Infantry Regiment
12th Oasis Company
12th Panzer Division
12th Reconnaissance Battalion
12th SS "Michael Gaißmair" Mountain Regiment
12th SS “Hitler Jugend” Panzer Division
12th SS Artillery Regiment
12th SS Flak Battalion
12th SS Panzer Regiment
12th SS Pioneer Battalion
12th SS Reconnaissance Battalion
130th "Lehr" Panzer Division
130th "Lehr" Panzer Reconnaisance Battalion
130th "Lehr" Panzer Regiment
131st Grenadier Regiment
136th Mountain Regiment
137th Infantry Division
137th Mountain Regiment
139th Mountain Brigade
139th Mountain Regiment
13th Fallschirmjäger Regiment
13th Mountain Regiment
13th Oasis Company
13th Panzer Division
13th Panzergrenadier Regiment
13th SS "Volunteer" Mountain Division
143rd Mountain Regiment
148th Infantry Division
14th Motorized Division
14th Panzer Division
14th Panzergrenadier Regiment
150th Panzer Brigade
151st Infantry Regiment
155th Infantry Regiment
156th Panzergrenadier Regiment
15th Fallschirmjäger Regiment
15th Motorcycle Battalion
15th Motorized Infantry Regiment
15th Panzer Division
15th Panzer Regiment
15th Panzergrenadier Division
15th Rifle Brigade
163rd Infantry Division
164th Light Africa Division
167th Volksgrenadier Division
168th Infantry Division
169th Infantry Division
16th Infantry Division
16th Panzer Division
16th Panzer Regiment
170th Infantry division
172nd Reconnaissance Battalion
178th "Tatra" Panzer Division
179th Infantry Regiment
17th Infantry Division
17th Panzer Division
17th SS "Gotz von Berlichingen" Panzergrenadier Division
181st Artillery Regiment
183rd Volksgrenadier Division
189th Infantry Regiment
18th Artillery Regiment
18th Flak Regiment
18th Grenadier Regiment
18th Infantry Division
18th Panzer Division
18th SS "Horst Wessel" Panzergrenadier Division
18th Volksgrenadier Division
190th Panzer Battalion
192nd Panzergrenadier Regiment
194th Infantry Regiment
195th Infantry Regiment
196th Infantry Regiment
197th Infantry Division
198th Fusilier Battalion
198th Infantry Division
19th Luftwaffe Field Division
19th Panzer Division
19th Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion
19th SS "2nd Latvian Grenadier" Division
19th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment
19th SS Police Regiment
1st Fallschirmjäger Division
1st Ad-Hoc Battalion
1st Cavalry Division
1st Fallschirm Machine-gun Battalion
1st Fallschirmjager Regiment
1st Infantry Division
1st KS Potsdam Grenadier Regiment
1st Marine Division
1st Mountain Division
1st Panzer Brigade
1st Panzer Division
1st Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion
1st Panzer Regiment
1st Panzergrenadier Regiment
1st Separate SS Battalion
1st SS "Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler" Division
1st SS “Oberbayern” Totenkopf Regiment
1st SS LSAAH Panzer Grenadier Regiment
1st SS Sturmgeschütz Battalion
1st SS Watch Battalion
1st Sturmpioneer Regiment
200th Engineer Battalion
200th Infantry Regiment
201st Mountain Battalion
202nd Mountain Battalion
203rd Ad Hoc Battalion
206th Infantry Division
208th Infantry Regiment
20th Fallschirmjäger Regiment
20th Motorized Infantry Division
20th Panzer Division
20th Reconnaissance Battalion
20th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment
211th Infantry Regiment
212th Fusilier Battalion
212th Infantry Regiment
212th Volksgrenadier Division
213th Infantry Division
213th Infantry Regiment
213th Security Division
215th Infantry Division
215th Infantry Regiment
216th Infantry Regiment
216th Sturm Panzer Battalion
217th Infantry Regiment
218th Strumpanzer Company
21st Infantry Division
21st Panzer Division
21st Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion
21st SS Panzegrenadier Regiment
221st Security Division
226th Sturmgeschütz Battalion
22nd Air Landing Division
22nd Panzer Division
22nd Panzer Regiment
22nd SS Panzergrenadier Regiment
23rd Panzer Division
23rd Panzer Regiment
23rd SS "Nederland" Panzergrenadier Division
242nd Infantry Division
242nd Panzer Battalion
243rd Static Infantry Division
243rd Sturmgeschütz Brigade
246th Volksgrenadier Division
24th Infantry Division
24th Panzer Division
252nd Infantry Division
253rd Infantry Division
254th Infantry Division
256th Volksgrenadier Division
257th Infantry Division
258th Infantry Division
25th Panzer Division
25th Panzergrenadier Division
25th Panzerjäger Battalion
25th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment
260th Infantry Division
263rd Infantry Division
265th Infantry Division
269th Infantry Division
26th Reconnaissance Battalion
26th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment
26th Volksgrenadier Division
271st Infantry Division
272nd Volksgrenadier Division
275th Infantry Division
276th Volksgrenadier Division
277th Fusilier Battalion
277th Infantry Division
27th Panzer Division
27th SS Volunteer "Langemarck" Grenadier Division
28th Artillery Regiment
28th Engineer Battalion
28th Infantry Division
28th Panzer Division
291st Infantry Division
292nd Infantry Division
294th Infantry Division
298th Infantry Division
299th Infantry Division
29th Infantry Regiment
29th Motorized Infantry Division
2nd LSSAH Panzer Grenadier Regiment
2nd "Vienna" Panzer Division
2nd Ad-Hoc Battalion
2nd Air Assault Brigade
2nd Fallschirmjäger Division
2nd Fallschirmjäger Regiment
2nd Luftwaffe Field Division
2nd Machine Gun Battalion
2nd Motorcycle Battalion
2nd Motorized Rifle Battalion
2nd Mountain Division
2nd Panzer Brigade
2nd Panzer Regiment
2nd SS "Das Reich" Division
2nd SS "Germania" Infantry Regiment
2nd SS Reconnaissance Battalion
301st Heavy Panzer Battalion
301st Infantry Regiment
303rd "Doberitz" Infantry Division
303rd Sturmgeschütz Brigade
304th Panzergrenadier Regiment
305th Grenadier Regiment
305th Infantry Division
308th Grenadier Regiment
309th "Berlin" Infantry Division
30th Infantry Division
312th Infantry Regiment
315th Infantry Regiment
316th Grenadier Regiment
318th Infantry Regiment
31st Infantry Division
320th Grenadier Regiment
320th Infantry Division
326th Volksgrenadier Division
32nd Infantry Division
32nd SS "30.January" Grenadier Division
32nd SS Panzerjäger Battalion
334th Infantry Division
33rd Engineer Battalion
33rd Motorized Infantry Regiment
33rd Panzerjäger Battalion
33rd Reconaissance Battalion
340th Volksgrenadier Division
344th Volksgrenadier Division
345th Ad Hoc Battalion
346th Static Infantry Division
347th Infantry Regiment
34th Infantry Division
352nd Infantry Division
352nd Pioneer Battalion
353rd Infantry Division
35th Infantry Division
35th Panzer Regiment
35th SS and Police Grenadier Division
361st “Africa” Panzergrenadier Regiment
366th Infantry Regiment
36th Motorized Infantry Division
372nd Infantry Division
37th Panzer Pioneer Battalion
37th Panzerjager Battalion
37th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment
385th "Rheingold" Infantry Division
390th Grenadier Regiment
394th Sturmgeschutz Brigade
39th Grenadier Regiment
3rd Battalion, 255th Infantry Regiment
3rd Cavalry Division
3rd Fallschirmjager Division
3rd Fallschirmjager Regiment
3rd Kradschutzen Battalion
3rd Mountain Division
3rd Panzer Brigade
3rd Panzer Division
3rd Panzer Reconaissance Battalion
3rd Panzer Regiment
3rd Panzergrenadier Division
3rd SS "Death's Head" Division
40th Panzer Battalion
40th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment
423rd Greandier Regiment
424th Infantry Regiment
430th Infantry Regiment
43rd Infantry Regiment
44th "Hoch und Deutschmeister Reichsgrenadier" Infantry Division
44th Panzerjäger Battalion
45th Infantry Division
464th Infantry Regiment
466th Infantry regiment
46th Infantry Division
479th Infantry Regiment
47th Volksgrenadier Division
485th Infantry Regiment
49th Infantry Division
4th Cavalry Brigade
4th Fallschirmjäger Division
4th Fallschirmjäger Regiment
4th Flak Battalion
4th Mountain Division
4th Panzer Brigade
4th Panzer Division
4th SS "Der Führer" Panzergrenadier Regiment
4th SS "Police" Division
501st SS Heavy Panzer Battalion
502nd Heavy Panzer Battalion
502nd SS Heavy Panzer Battalion
503rd "Feldherrnhalle" Heavy Panzer Battalion
505th Heavy Panzer Battalion
505th Infantry Regiment
506th Heavy Panzer Battalion
508th Infantry Regiment
509th Heavy Panzer Battalion
512th Heavy Panzer Battalion
513th Infantry Regiment
516th Heavy Panzer Battalion
519th Heavy Panzerjäger Battalion
520th Heavy Panzer Battalion
522nd Heavy Panzer Battalion
525th Infantry Regiment
52nd Infantry Division
52nd Motorized Infantry Regiment
535th Panzerjäger Battalion
537th Infantry Regiment
539th Infantry Regiment
53rd Flak Regiment
549th Volksgrenadier Division
54th Mountain Battalion
54th Mountain Reconnaissance Battalion
553rd Volksgrenadier Division
560th Heavy Panzerjäger Battalion
560th Volksgrenadier Division
578th Infantry Regiment
57th Infantry Division
59th Infantry Division
5th Fallschirmjager Division
5th Light Panzer Division
5th Panzer Battalion
5th Panzer Brigade
5th Panzer Division
5th Panzer Regiment
5th SS "Thule" Panzergrenadier Regiment
5th SS "Viking" Division
600th Engineer Battalion
605th Panzerjager Battalion
61st Infantry Division
62nd Infantry Division
64th Flak Regiment
654th Heavy Panzerjäger Battalion
656th Panzerjäger Regiment
667th Sturmgeschütz Battalion
67th Bicycle Battalion
68th Infantry Division
69th Infantry Regiment
69th Panzer Grenadier Regiment
6th "Green Devils" Fallschirmjäger Regiment
6th Infantry Division
6th Mountain Division
6th Panzer Division
6th Panzer Regiment
6th SS "Nord" Division
6th SS "Nord" Motorized Rifle Battalion
6th SS "Theoder Eicke" Panzergrenadier Regiment
6th SS Reconnaisance Battalion
709th Static Infantry Division
716th Infantry Division
71st Infantry Division
726th Infantry Regiment
729th Infantry Regiment
736th Infantry Regiment
739th Static Infantry Division
73rd Infantry Division
73rd Panzergrenadier Regiment
752nd Grenadier Regiment
754th Infantry Regimen
75th Infantry Division
76th Infantry Division
77th Grenadier Regiment
78th Grenadier Regiment
78th Infantry Division
795th Infantry (Georgian) Battalion
79th Infantry Division
7th Fallschirmjager Division
7th Infantry Division
7th Moutain Division
7th Panzer Division
7th Panzer Regiment
7th SS “Volunteer” Mountain Division
7th SS Regiment
7th Sturmgeschütz Battalion
800th "Brandenburg" Lehr-Regiment
81st Infantry Division
82nd Ski Battalion
83rd Infantry Regiment
84th Infantry Regiment
858th Infantry Regiment
86th Infantry Division
88th Infantry Division
88th SS “Becker” Grenadier Regiment
896th Grenadier Regiment
89th Infantry Division
8th Infantry Division
8th Machinegun Battalion
8th Panzer Brigade
8th Panzer Division
8th Panzer Regiment
900th "Lehr" Motorized Infantry Brigade
900th Engineer Battalion
901st "Lehr" Panzergrenadier Regiment
902nd "Lehr" Panzergrenadier Regiment
902nd Sturmgeschultz Brigade
90th Light "Afrika" Division
90th Panzergrenadier Division
910th Fortress Battalion
914th Volksgrenadier Regiment
915th Volksgrenadier Regiment
919th Infantry Regiment
91st Air Landing Division
91st Mountain Regiment
96th Infantry Division
97th Grenadier Regiment
97th Jäger Division
97th Landwehr Division
986th Grenadier Regiment
987th Grenadier Regiment
988th Grenadier Regiment
98th Mountain Regiment
991st Grenadier Regiment
99th Mountain Pioneer Battalion
99th Mountain Regiment
99th Panzergrenadier Regiment
9th Ad-Hoc Panzer Company
9th Panzer Division
9th Panzer Regiment
9th SS "Hohenstaufen" Panzer Division
9th SS Panzer Regiment
Afrika Korps
Afrika Panzer Grenadier Regiment
Armored Train Number 3
Armored Train Number 7
Brandenburg Special Operations Command
Brandenburg Detachment
Brandenburg Panzer Regiment
Brandenburg Panzergrenadier Division
Brandenburg Regiment
Brandenburg Regional Hitler Youth
Dirlewanger SS Sturm Brigade
Ebbinghaus Battalion
ERNA Commando Group
Feldherrnhalle Ersatz Brigade
Finnish SS Volunteer Battalion
French SS Battalion
Führer Begleit Brigade
Führer Begleit Fisilier Battalion
Fuhrer Grenadier Brigade
Grossdeutschland 1st Grenadier Regiment
Grossdeutschland 2nd Grenadier Regiment
Grossdeutschland Air-Landing Brigade
Grossdeutschland Division
Grossdeutschland Engineer Battlaaion
Grossdeutschland Fusilier Regiment
Grossdeutschland Panzer Regiment
Grossdeutschland Panzerjager Battalion
Grossdeutschland Reconnaissance Battalion
Grossdeutschland Sturmgeschütz Battalion
Hermann Göring Panzer Division
Kempf Panzer Division
Kesselring Machine Gun Battalion
KS Dresden Cadet Regiment
Kurmark Panzer Division
Kurmark Panzergrenadier Regiment
Kustrin Supply Convoy
Last Stand Brigade
Lotzen Brigade
LSSAH Panzer Regiment
LSSAH Reconnaissance Battalion
Machine Gun Ski Brigade
Marine Assault Brigade
Muncheberg Panzer Battalion
Muncheberg Panzer Division
National Socialist Driver Training School
Oberkommando des Heeres Staff Guard Company
Oder Bridge Garrison
Prussian Town Garrisons
Ravensbruck camp guards
SA Feldherrnhalle Standarte
SA Salzburg Brigade
SA Steiermark Brigade
SS "Nord" Ski Battalion
SS Cavalry Division
SS Ney Regiment
von Fritschen Schnelles Regiment
Wunsdorf Panzer Training Detachment
Formations of Gurkha
1/2nd Gurkha Rifles
1/5th Gurkha Rifiles
1/9th Gurkha Rifles
2/4th Gurkha Rifles
2/5th Gurkha Rifles
3/11th Gurkha Rifles
Formations of Hungary
23rd Infantry Brigade
24th Infantry Brigade
25th Infantry Division
2nd Independent Motorized Battalion
9th Independent Infantry Battalion
Szent László Division
Formations of Hyderabad
1st Hyderabad Infantry
1st Hyderabad Lancers
2nd Hyderabad Lancers
3rd Golconda Lancers
3rd Hyderabad Lancers
5th Hyderabad Infantry
6th Hyderabad Infantry
8th Hyderabad Infantry
9th Hyderabad Infantry
Kodad Garrison
Razakar Militia
Formations of India
1/12th "Prince of Wales's Own Sikhs" Frontier Force Rifles
1/6th Rajputana Rifles
10th Infantry Brigade
10th Infantry Division
11th Infantry Brigade
17th Infantry Brigade
17th Poona Hourse
18th "King Edward's Own" Cavalry
19th Infantry Brigade
1st Mysore Infantry
2/5th Mahratta Light Infantry
21st Infantry Brigade
29th Infantry Brigade
2nd Jodhpur Infantry
2nd Motor Machine-Gun Group
3/15th Punjab Regiment
3/1st Punjab Regiment
3/2nd Punjab Regiment
3/8th Punjab Regiment
3rd Motor Brigade
3rd Sikh Light Infantry
4/10th Baluch Regiment
4/11th Sikh Regiment
4/16th Punjab Regiment
4/6th Rajputana Rifles
4th Infantry Division
4th Rajputana Rifles
5th Infantry Brigade
5th Infantry Division
6/13th Frontier Force Rifles
7th Infantry Brigade
7th Infantry Division
8th Infantry Division
9th Infantry Brigade
Bannu Brigade
Central India Horse "21st King George V's Own Horse"
Delhi Cantonment
Mysore Lancers
Northern Madras Police
Poona Horse
Skinner's Horse
Formations of Italy
101ª Divisione Fanteria Motorizzata "Trieste"
102ª Divisione Fanteria Motorizzata "Trento"
106ª Compagnia Motociclisti
10ª Armata Italiana
10º Reggimento Bersaglieri
11º Reggimento Bersaglieri
120º Reggimento Artiglieria
12º Reggimento Artiglieria
131ª Divisone Corazzata "Centauro"
132ª Divisone Corazzata "Ariete"
132º Reggimento Artiglieria
132º Reggimento Corazzato
133ª Divisone Corazzata "Littorio"
134ª Divisone Corazzata "Freccia"
140º Battaglione Camicie Nere "Aquilia"
141º Reggimento Fanteria "Cantanzaro"
14ª Brigata Coloniale
155º Battaglione Mitraglieri
157º Reggimento Fanteria "Liguria"
158º Reggimento Fanteria "Liguria"
15ª Divisone Fanteria "Bergamo"
15º Reggimento Fanteria "Savona"
16ª Brigata Coloniale
16º Reggimento Fanteria "Savona"
172ª Compagnia Anticarro
17ª Divisone Fanteria "Pavia"
17º Reggimento Artiglieria
17º Reggimento Fanteria "Acqui"
193º Battaglione Coloniale
196º Battaglione Coloniale
19º Reggimento Fanteria "Brescia"
1ª Divisone Camicie Nere "23 Marzo"
1ª Divisone Fanteria "Superga"
1ª Divisone Libica
1ª Divizione Celere "Eugenio di Savoia"
201º Reggimento Artiglieria
201º Reggimento Artiglieria Motorizzata
202º Reggimento Artiglieria
203º Reggimento Artiglieria
231º Legione Camicie Nere "28 Ottobre"
238º Legione Camicie Nere "28 Ottobre"
25ª Divisone Fanteria "Bologna"
272ª Compagnia Anticarro
27ª Divisone Fanteria "Brescia"
282º Battaglione Guardia alla Frontiera
2ª Brigata Coloniale
2ª Compagnia Motociclisti Bersaglieri
2ª Divisone Camicie Nere "28 Ottobre"
2ª Divisone Alpini "Tridentina"
2ª Divisone Fanteria "Sforzesca"
2ª Divisone Libica
30º Gruppo Artiglieria
31º Reggimento Corazzato
32º Reggimento Corazzato
33ª Divisone Fanteria "Acqui"
342º Battaglione Guardia alla Frontiera
37º Reggimento Fanteria "Ravenna"
38º Reggimento Fanteria "Ravenna"
39º Reggimento Fanteria "Bologna"
3ª Compagnia Motociclisti Bersaglieri
3ª Divisone Fanteria "Ravenna"
3ª Divizione Celere "Principe Amadeo Duca d'Aosta"
3º Gruppo Carri "San Giorgio"
3º Gruppo Dubat
3º Gruppo Squadroni Coloniale
3º Reggimento Artiglieria Voloire
3º Reggimento Bersagliari
3º Reggimento Cavalleria "Savoia"
40º Reggimento Fanteria "Bologna"
41ª Brigata Coloniale
47º Battaglione Motociclisti Bersaglieri
49º Battaglione Coloniale
4ª Divisone Camicie Nere "3 Gennaio"
4º Battaglione Lavoratori Libico
50ª Brigata Speciale
52ª Divisone Fanteria "Torino"
53º Reggimento Fanteria "Umbria"
54º Reggimento Fanteria "Umbria"
55ª Divisone Fanteria "Savona"
5ª Divisone Fanteria "Cosseria"
5º Reggimento Bersagliari
5º Reggimento Cavalleria "Lancieri di Novara"
60ª Divisone Fanteria "Sabratha"
60º Battaglione Corazzato Leggero
61ª Divisone Fanteria "Sirte"
61º Reggimento Fanteria Motorizzata "Sicilia"
62ª Divisone Fanteria "Marmarica"
62º Reggimento Fanteria Motorizzata "Sicilia"
63ª Divisone Fanteria "Cirene"
63º Battaglione Camicie Nere
63º Legione Camicie Nere “Tagliamento”
64ª Divisone Fanteria "Catanzaro"
64º Battaglione Mitraglieri
65º Reggimento Fanteria Motorizzata
6º Reggimento Alpini
6º Reggimento Bersaglieri
70º Reggimento Fanteria "Ancona"
75a Batteria Anticarro
79º Battaglione Camicie Nere
79º Reggimento Fanteria "Roma"
7º Reggimento Bersaglieri
80º Reggimento Fanteria "Roma"
81º Reggimento Fanteria "Torino"
82º Reggimento Fanteria "Torino"
89º Reggimento Fanteria "Cosseria"
8º Gruppo Dubat
8º Reggimento Artiglieria
8º Reggimento Bersaglieri
90º Reggimento Fanteria "Cosseria"
91ª Brigata Coloniale
91º Battaglione Coloniale
99° Battaglione Mortai
9ª Divisone Fanteria "Pasubio"
9º Battaglione Corazzato Leggero
9º Reggimento Bersaglieri
Battaglione Alpini Monte Cervino
Battaglione Alpini Vestone
Brigata Corazzata Speciale Babini
Divisione Partigiana Garibaldi
Divisone Fanteria Italia
Esercito Nazionale Repubblicano
Gruppo Camicie Nere 3 Gennaio
Gruppo Cavalleria Barbo
Gruppo di Battaglioni Giovani Fascisti
Guarnigione di Giarabub
Guarnigione di Forte Capuzzo
III Battaglione Bersagieri
III Battaglione Carri d'Assalto
Legione Camicie Nere Tagliament
LXVII Battaglione Bersaglieri Corazzato
Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale
Policia Africa Italiano
Raggruppamento Maletti
Regia Marina
Regio Corpo di Truppe Coloniali
Regio Esercito
Resistenza Italiana
V Battaglione Bersaglieri
VI Battaglione Bersaglieri
VII Battaglione Carri Medi
VIII Battaglione Bersaglieri
XIII Battaglione Bersaglieri
XIX Battaglione Bersaglieri
XVIII Battaglione Bersaglieri
XX Battaglione Bersaglieri
XXV Battaglione Bersaglieri
Formations of Japan
10th Mountain Gun Battalion
11th Construction Unit
124th Infantry Regiment
13th Construction Unit
144th Infantry Regiment
15th Independent Engineer Regiment
16th Infantry "Wall" Division
16th Infantry Regiment
16th Naval Pioneer Unit
18th Infantry "Chrysanthemum " Division
19th Infantry "Tiger" Division
1st Glider Tank Unit
1st Independent Tank Company
1st Maizuru Special Naval Landing Force
1st Raiding Brigade
1st Sasebo Special Naval Landing Force
1st Yokosuka SNLF Parachute Unit
228th Infantry Regiment
229th Infantry Regiment
230th Infantry Regiment
23rd Infantry "Sunrise" Division
25th Infantry "Country" Division
28th Infantry Regiment
29th Infantry Regiment
2nd Antitank Battalion
2nd Infantry "Courageous" Division
2nd Mobile Artillery Regiment
2nd Mobile Infantry Regiment
2nd Raiding Regiment
2nd Sasebo Special Naval Landing Force
2nd Tank "Geki" Division
303rd Independent Infantry Battalion
35th Infantry Brigade
38th Infantry "Nagoya" Division
39th Field Road Construction Unit
3rd Kure Special Naval Landing Force
3rd Maizuru Special Naval Landing Force
3rd Raiding Regiment
3rd Sasebo Special Naval Landing Force
3rd Tank Brigade
3rd Yokosuka SNLF Parachute Unit
3rd Yokosuka Special Naval Landing Force
41st Infantry Regiment
4th Cavalry Brigade
4th Infantry Regiment
4th Raiding Regiment
4th Tank Division
4th Tank Regiment
55th Infantry "Strong" Division
5th Infantry "Carp" Division
5th Kure Special Naval Landing Force
5th Sasebo Special Naval Landing Force
5th Yokosuka Special Naval Landing Force
64th Infantry Regiment
6th Tank Brigade
71st Infantry Regiment
72nd Infantry Regiment
7th Infantry "Bear" Division
7th Tank Regiment
Adak-Attu Occupation Force
Cavalry Group
Giretsu Commandos
Ichiki Detachment
Imperial Guard Division
Imperial Japanese Army
Imperial Japanese Navy
Island Garrison
Kiska Occupation Force
Kuma "Bear" Battalion
Makin Island Garrison Force
Shigemi Reserve
Tulagi Seaplane Base personnel
Yano Battalion
Yazawa Detachment
Yokohama Air Group Personnel
Formations of Lithuania
1st Infantry Division
2nd Infantry Division
301st Battalion
Armored Division
Cavalry Division
Defense Force
Lithuanian Territorial Defense Force
Formations of Mars
Interplanetary Invasion Force
PU-36 Illudium Expeditionary Force
Formations of Mongolia
6th Cavalry Division
Formations of Morocco
1er Régiment de Tirailleurs Marocains
1re Division Marocaine
Moroccan Ground Forces
Formations of Netherlands
3rd Military Department
6th Regiment
East Indies Army
Manado Troop Command
South Sumatra Territorial Command
Timor Garrison Battalion
VIII Infantry Battalion
Formations of New Zealand
18th Infantry Battalion
19th Infantry Battalion
20th Infantry Battalion
21st Infantry Battalion
22nd Infantry Battalion
23rd Infantry Battalion
24th Infantry Battalion
25th Infantry Battalion
26th Infantry Battalion
28th "Maori" Infantry Battalion
2nd Divisional Cavalry
2nd New Zealand Division
4th Infantry Brigade
5th Brigade HQ
5th Infantry Brigade
6th Engineer Field Company
6th Infantry Brigade
New Zealand Army
Formations of Peru
1st Light Division
20th Infantry Battalion
8th Light Division
Marine Battalion
Parachute Company
Silva Division
Formations of Poland
10th Mechanized Cavalry Brigade
113th Light Tank Company
11th Infantry Division
12th Infantry Division
151st Fortress Company
16th Armoured Brigade
16th Lwowski Rifle Battalion
17th Infantry Division
17th Lwowski Rifle Battalion
18th Lwowski Rifle Battalion
19th Infantry Division
1st "Berezwecz" Border Battalion
1st Armoured Division
1st Carpathian Rifle Brigade
1st Independent Parachute Brigade
1st Korpus Ochrony Pogranicza
1st Legion "Pilsudshk's" Infantry Division
1st Light Tank Battalion
1st Mountain Brigade
1st Mountain Rifle Regiment
21st Infantry Division
21st Infantry Regiment
21st Mountain Division
23rd Infantry Division
24th Infantry Division
25th Infantry Division
28th Infantry Division
2nd Carpathian Brigade
2nd Korpus Ochrony Pogranicza
2nd Light Tank Battalion
2nd Mountain Brigade
2nd Warsaw "Henryk Dabrowski" Infantry Division
2nd Warsaw Armoured Brigade
30th Infantry Division
35th Reserve Infantry Division
3rd "Zywiec" National Defense Battalion
3rd Mountain Brigade
3rd National Defense Brigade
4th Infantry Division
55th Reserve Division
5th Kresowa Infantry Division
60th Reserve Infantry Division
6th Infantry Division
6th Lwów Infantry Brigade
7th Infantry Division
82nd Infantry Regiment
8thInfantry Division
9th Infantry Division
Armored Train 15
Armored Train 51
Armored Train 54
Carpathian Artillery Regiment
Carpathian Brigade
Carpathian Lancers
Centrum Wyszkolenia Broni Pancernj
Home Army
Korpus Ochrony Pogranicza
Mazowiecka Cavalry Brigade
Podlaska Cavalry Brigade
Pomorska Cavalry Brigade
Slask Police
Suwalki Cavalry Brigade
Warsaw Armored Mechanized Brigade
Wizna Local Defense Unit
Wojska Lądowe
Wolynska Cavalry Brigade
Zakopane National Guard Battalion
Zaza Cavalry Division
Formations of Romania
10th Infantry Division
11th Infantry Division
13th Infantry Division
15th Infantry Division
18th Infantry Division
18th Mountain Division
1st "Royal" Guards Infantry Division
1st “Romania Mare” Armored Division
1st Cavalry Brigade
1st Infantry Diviaion
1st Mountain Brigade
1st Reconnaissance Battalion
1st Tank Regiment
20th Infantry Division
2nd "Horia-Closa e Crisan" Mechanized Division
2nd Calarasi Regiment
2nd Tank Regiment
35th Reserve Infantry Division
38th Infantry Regiment
3rd Infantry Division
4th Mountain Brigade
5th Cavalry Division
5th Infantry Division
67th Infantry Regiment
6th Guard Infantry Regiment
6th Infantry Division
7th Cavalry Brigade
7th Infantry Division
8th Cavalry Brigade
8th Infantry Division
9th Dorobanti Regiment
9th Mountain Group
Formations of Slovak Republic
16th Infantry Regiment
1st "Janošík" Infantry Division
1st Tactical Group
20th Infantry Regimant
2nd "Škultéty" Infantry Division
2nd Tactical Group
5th Infantry Regiment
5th Tatical Group
6th Tactical Group
Dubrovodsky Combat Group
Field Armored Regiment
First Czechoslovak Army
Marechal Foch Paritsan Battalion
Mobile "Kalinciak" Brigade
Slava Partisan Group
Slovenská Armáda
Stakcin Group
Weinhold Combat Group
Wienhold Recon Company
Formations of South Africa
1st Infantry Brigade
1st Infantry Division
1st South African Irish Regiment
1st South African Light Tank Company
1st Transvaal Scottish regiment
2nd Anti-Tank Battery
2nd Infantry Division
2nd Regiment Botha
2nd Transvaal Scottish Regiment
3rd Anti-Tank Battery
3rd Armoured Car Regiment
3rd Infantry Brigade
3rd Transvaal Scottish regiment
4th Anti-Tank Battery
4th South African Armoured Car Regiment
5th Infantry Brigade
6th Armoured Car Regiment
6th Infantry Brigade
9th Field Artillery
Duke of Edinburgh's Own Rifles
Formations of Soviet Union
1000th Antitank Regiment
1008th Antitank Regiment
100th Rifle Brigade
100th Rifle Division
100th Tank Brigade
1019th Rifle Regiment
101st Guards Rifle Regiment
101st Tank Brigade
1023rd Rifle Regiment
102nd Border Guard Detachment
102nd Tank Division
103rd Rifle Brigade
103rd Tank Brigade
104th Tank Division
1054th Rifle Regiment
105th Tank Division
106th Rifle Division
107th Tank Brigade
108th Rifle Division
108th Tank Division
109th Rifle Division
109th Tank Brigade
10th Guard Armored Breakthrough Regiment
10th Guards "Uralsko-Lvovskaya" Tank Division
10th Guards Rifle Division
10th Mechanised Brigade
10th Rifle Division
10th Tank Brigade
10th Tank Corps
10th Tank Division
110th Rifle Division
110th Tank Brigade
1118th Rifle Regiment
111th Independent Ski Battalion
111th Rifle Division
111th Tank Brigade
112th Tank Battalion
112th Tank Brigade
1140th Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment
1149th Regiment
114th Rifle Division
115th Cavalry Division
11th "Morozov" Cavalry Division
11th Guards Tank Brigade
11th Motorized Rifle Brigade
11th Rifle Division
129th Tank Brigade
136th Rifle Division
139th Rifle Division
140th Rifle Division
1438th Self Propelled Artillery Regiment
1440th Self Propelled Artillery Regiment
1442nd Self Propelled Artillery Regiment
148th Rifle Division
149th Rifle Division
14th Antitank Brigade
14th Guards Heavy Tank Regiment
15th Guards Rifle Division
15th Rifle Division
162nd Tank Brigade
165th Rifle Brigade
1666th Antitank Regiment
167th Separate Tank Regiment
169th Tank Brigade
16th Guards Mortar Regiment
16th Tank Corps
170th Tank Brigade
175th Rrifle Division
175th Tank Brigade
180th Rifle Division
181st Tank Brigade
183rd Rifle Division
18th Rifle Division
18th Tank Corps
19th Tank Corps
1st Antitank Rifle Battalion
1st Guards "Red Banner" Tank Brigade
1st Guards Motorized Rifle Division
201st Tank Brigade
202nd Rifle Division
203rd rifle Division
206th Rifle Division
20th Cavalry Division
20th Mechanized Brigade
210th Guards Rifle Regiment
213th Rifle Division
213th Tank Brigade
228th Guards Rifle Regiment
22nd "Red Banner" Guards Tank Brigade
22nd Tank Division
230th Separate Tank Regiment
232nd Rifle Division
237th Tank Brigade
237th Tank Regiment
23rd Guards Airborne Rifle Regiment
23rd Tank Corps
242nd Tank Brigade
245th Separate Tank Regiment
247th Rifle Division
25th "Chapayev" Rifle Division
25th Guards Rifle Regiment
25th Separate Tank Regiment
25th Tank Brigade
25th Tank Corps
262nd Tank Regiment
263rd Mortar Regiment
26th Armored Train Battalion
273rd Rifle Division
27th Antitank Brigade
27th Guards Tank Brigade
28th Antitank Brigade
295th Mortar Regiment
29th Tank Corps
2nd Antitank Brigade
2nd Guards "Tamanskaya" Motor Rifle Division
2nd Guards Tank Corps
2nd Rifle Division
2nd Tank Corps
301st Antitank Regiment
305th Rifle Division
307th Guards Mortar Battalion
307th Rifle Division
308th Guards Mortar Regiment
314th Guards Mortar Regiment
31st Antitank Brigade
31st Tank Corps
321st Rifle Regiemnt
333rd Rifle Division
34th Light Tank Brigade
353rd Rifle Division
35th Guards Rifle Division
361st Rifle Regiment
36th Guards Rifle Division
39th Guards Rifle Division
3rd Antitank Brigade
3rd Guards Airborne Division
3rd Mechanized Corps
3rd Separate Anti-Tank Rifle Battalion
3rd Tank Corps
410th Rifle Regiment
42nd Guards Rifle Division
43rd Rifle Division
43rd Tank Regirnent
44th Cavalry Division
44th Tank Brigade
469th Regiment
47th Guards Rifle Division
47th Rifle Regiment
48th Antitank Regiment
493rd Antitank Regiment
496th Antitank Regiment
49th Tank Brigade
4th Antitank Rifle Battalion
4th Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade
51st Guards Rifle Division
52nd Guards Rifle Division
538th Antitank Regiment
53rd Rifle Division
55th Guards Separate Tank Regiment
56th Rifle Division
57th Guards Heavy Tank Regiment
58th Independent Tank Regiment
59th Tank Regiment
5th Guards "Zimovnikovskaya" Mechanized Division
5th Guards Airborne Division
5th Guards Cavalry Group
5th Guards Independent Tank Regiment
5th Guards Mechanized Corps
5th Guards Mortar Regiment
5th Guards Tank Corps
5th Tank Corps
60th Guards Rifle Division
60th Rifle Division
611th Antitank Regiment
62nd Guards Heavy Tank Regiment
63rd Guards Rifle Division
676th Rifle Regiment
67th Guards Rifle Division
694th Antitank Regiment
6th Guards Rifle Division
6th Tank Corps
70th Guards Rifle Division
70th Tank Brigade
71st Guards Rifle Division
71st Rifle Division
72nd Rifle Division
74th Guards Rifle Division
74th Rifle Division
78th Guards Rifle Division
79th Guards Mortar Regiment
79th Tank Brigade
81st Guards Rifle Division
81st Rifle Division
868th Antitank Regiment
88th Guards Rifle Division
8th Guards Mechanized Corps
8th Rifle Division
90th Guards Rifle Division
93rd Guards Rifle Division
95th Guards Rifle Division
95th Rifle Division
96th Tank Brigade
99th Tank Brigade
9th Guards Airborne Division
9th Guards Rifle Division
Army (RKKA)
Formations of Spain
250th Infantry Division
250th Reconnaissance Battalion
250th Replacement Battalion
250th Ski Company
262nd Infantry Regiment
263rd Infantry Regiment
269th Infantry Regiment
Group Cuesta
Legion Espanola de Voluntarios

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