On June 25th in Panzer Grenadier:
Arctic Front Deluxe #29 - Panssari SalamaArctic Front #19 - Panssari Salama
Blue Division #11 - Los TigresEdelweiss #1 - Hunters of the Plains
Edelweiss IV #10 - Hunters of the PlainsEdelweiss: Expanded #4 - Hunters of the Plains
Eastern Front #13 - 28th Tank Attack, Part 2First Axis #7 - First Battle
Hammer & Sickle #23 - Fulda's FuryIron Curtain #3 - Fulda's Fury
Pusan Perimeter #1 - Ongjin PeninsulaPusan Perimeter #2 - General Attack
Pusan Perimeter #3 - Ch'unch'onLions of Finland #9 - Panssari Salama
March on Leningrad #1 - Directive No. 3Panzer Grenadier #33 - 28th Tank Division Attack 2
Saipan 1944 #27 - Mount Tapotchau
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Battle Types Catalog

Long has the Internet echoed with the plaintive cries of "does anyone know a good (insert action) scenario for PG?" Through many weeks of toil, and careful analysis of every scenario yet published, the PG-HQ General Staff developed 23 battle type classifications for Panzer Grenadier.

Some are readily apparent when reading scenario descriptions, others are more subjective in nature. Should you feel that the battle types listed for a given scenario are inaccurate, that little Errors? Omissions? link to the upper right is your path to righteous corrective action.

PG-HQ Library > Battle Types Catalog
Errors? Omissions? Report them!