On November 29th in Panzer Grenadier:
Invasion of Germany #46 - In the DarkInvasion of Germany #47 - Preventive Measures
Invasion of Germany #48 - Indie River Blues IIInvasion of Germany #49 - Disaster at Merode
Red Warriors #12 - Pankratov's CossacksRed Warriors #13 - Red God of War: Reviakhin's Riflemen
South Africa's War #14 - Australia Will Be ThereSiegfried Line #6 - In the Dark
Siegfried Line #7 - Preventive MeasuresSiegfried Line #8 - Indie River Blues II
Siegfried Line #9 - Disaster at MerodeTank Battles #27 - Operation MARS #15: Shanaurin's Drive IV: Breakout
Tank Battles #40 - Operation MARS #28: Luchesa River Valley Blues VI: Katov's Fire
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