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Mark Simonitch Games: 2nd edition of Ardennes '44, GMT Games
I don't play these offend, as they are kind of large and time comsuming but when I do, I really enjoy them:

*Normandy '44
*Ardennes '44, 2nd Edition (waiting on this one, as is should start shipping this month)!
*Caucasus Campaign
*Ukraine '43 With bigger counters, still in the reprint P500 stage.
*Sichelschnitt: May 1940, still in the pre-order P500 stage.
I just bought Ardennes '44 a few months back....haven't gotten through the rules yet, LOL!
"YOU ARE NOT BEATEN UNTIL YOU ADMIT IT. HENCE, DON'T..." -- General George S. Patton, Jr
Mark Simonitch makes some excellent games!

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