On October 10th in Panzer Grenadier:
Workers and Peasants #19 - Stopped Cold
January Promotions...

For exemplary service in combat, and dedication to Panzer Grenadier Headquarters, the following promotions are conferred:

PatC is promoted 1 rank from Staff Sergeant insignia to Sergeant First Class insignia

Hugmenot is promoted 1 rank from Sergeant First Class insignia to Master Sergeant insignia

Poor Yorek is promoted 1 rank from Sergeant First Class insignia to Master Sergeant insignia

enrique is promoted 1 rank from Second Lieutenant insignia to First Lieutenant insignia

Matt W is promoted 1 rank from Captain insignia to Major insignia

This is an automated message. Happy holidays!

January 1st, 16:34

Congrats to Matt on making field-grade rank.

January 1st, 19:11

Thanks much! The last four were all face to face.

January 6th, 18:00

Matt you are a PG machine. Do you have any other hobbies? I ask out of curiosity and in only the nicest way. It is stunning that your gap before next promotion is nearly double the entire number of scenarios I have played to date.

Thank goodness I made this site so we can all bask in your brilliance! ;-)

Keep going mate!

January 6th, 18:14


I read a bunch, cook some and have two teenage girls. I play a lot while I wait for them to come home...

Seriously, with the puppy reaching the spaying age, I expect to have less time on my hands as I will no longer be trapped in the kitchen bablysitting a dog. The smaller PG scenarios were about all I could do while watching the dog. So I played a bunch. I am angling for some of the larger scenarios now and more towards the unplayed ones (e.g. Carpathian Brigade/Polish Steel are on the immediate list).

Thank Goodness you made the site because I probably wouldn't have played as much without the site as a place to put the plays!

January 6th, 18:51

Another metric: the bounty gap between Matt and Jay (#2) is greater than my total bounty count; and I'm #10 in the list (at least until Hugmenot gets moving on his New Years resolution or TheDoctor starts getting some homework).

January 6th, 21:02


It's all the AAR's. But the AARs are the things that add alot to the scenario base so I try hard to write them whenever they have any value.

January 7th, 7:28


Of course, and it is that which is to your credit. I was simply bemused by the numbers, not, what, vituperating.


January 7th, 7:42


Thanks, and I took it as bemusement. Hopefully others will continue to write up AARs as it greatly adds to the total experience.

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