On December 19th in Panzer Grenadier:
Battle of the Bulge #22 - Wiltz: 19 December, AMBattle of the Bulge #23 - Wiltz: 19 December, PM
Battle of the Bulge #24 - Team DesobryBattle of the Bulge #25 - Team Desobry II
Battle of the Bulge #26 - Team CherryBattle of the Bulge #47 - Ewell's Boys
Battle of the Bulge #48 - Hard ShellBattle of the Bulge #51 - First Attempt
Elsenborn Ridge #12 - Twin Villages: FinaleElsenborn Ridge #13 - Crossroads: We Fight and Die Here
Elsenborn Ridge #14 - Roosevelt's SSElsenborn Ridge #15 - Goering's Elite
Winter Soldiers #3 - A Dicey PropositionWorkers and Peasants #7 - Buying More Time
Saipan is ready for play and AAR entries

Just in case anyone missed Alan's announcement in the forums, Saipan 1944 is now fully-entered into the Library and you may record plays and AARs at will.

Thanks, Alan!

December 30th, 20:54

Yeah, thanks Alan. I will have more for you in the future!

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