Panzer Grenadier Battles on December 14th:
Arctic Front Deluxe #5 - Across the Lake
Revenge of a Sort from Sc #3
Author Poor Yorek
Method Solo
Victor United States
Play Date 2017-08-04
Language English
Scenario BlSS020

Heer Set-Up: 2xGREN in SW town; GREN + 75 in LTW 0510; 2xGREN + 81mm on 40-m; the PzV+ART+GREN+HMG+75IG in the larger town and/or on the hill (the IG was there).

US: Break ups into the following task groups:

  • 8xINF + 1xM5 (and M3's) east/center => high ground
  • 3xINF + 4xHMG + 4xM4 + 2xM10 + 3x81 + 1x57 => secure middle ground; set for defense vs. expected SS reinforcements
  • 3x(1M4 + 1xENG + 1xINF) as urban assault groups => the SW town thence to the larger northern town.
  • 8xM4 => mobile reserve and to set picket vs. expected SS armored reinforcements.

The title refers to Sc#3 of this game where, in my previous play, the US almost managed to seal the board edge vs. SS reinforcements: and were pummeled for it.

This time, SS road discipline and/or air interdiction allowed the US to establish itself defensively having mostly secured its primary objectives (with some rather vigorous early turn movement). The 75mm and Panther drew some blood on this account, but the PzV fell victim to an early Typhoon (2) draw whilst the AT gun was simply swarmed.

The SS counter-attack was vicious, but the "delay" allowed the US to set itself (positionally and morale-wise) such that the Frundsburg troopers found a waiting defense rather than a meeting engagement.

Gets a 4 for a tightly fought and "anxious" scenario (time is critical for both sides).

N.B. I played the M4's as armor rating = 4 (as per recent Summer '17 APL discussions). This makes a significant change as, consider, a straight up 6 AT factor (typical German PzIVH/StuGIII) vs AC = 3 hits 21/36 times vs. AC = 4 of 15/36 times or a 16% difference.

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